Monday, July 7, 2014

Off the Beaten Path: San Diego

Our vacation began in the city, which we explored for a few days before heading north. I realize that San Siego is a major city, and of itself, is not considered off the beaten path. However, some people go to see LA or San Francisco first, while we enjoyed San Diego and surrounding areas. Sea World is probably not “off the beaten path” either, but I’d like to recommend the starfish pool there!
Some tourists may skip one or more naval vessels open to the public, but we appreciated the exposure to military culture. Mr. Spice decided that he was glad to be in the Army, preferring to sleep in a tent than the cramped quarters below-deck! Thanks to all our military members, veterans, and their families. Shortly after this vacation several years ago, Mr. Spice deployed to Iraq.
We breathed deeply of the salty air on the way to La Jolla, and strolled along this beach, as well as Coronado. I noticed that the Pacific Ocean smells different from the Atlantic, and seems to have a different “personality” in southern California than what I’m used to in New England.
If you have time to drive north through Carlsbad, we'd recommend the Museum of Making Music (so enthralled there, no photos!). What are your favorite "off the beaten path" locales in the San Diego area?

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