Sunday, July 27, 2014

Off the Beaten Path: Paris, France

I’ve shared photos of some major sights in Paris here and here, but I truly enjoyed some less famous spots in town. For example, Sacre Coeur and surrounding streets are well worth the time to wander around and travel to. We used the hop-on-hop off bus for our short trip, in order to see as much above ground as possible, and would recommend Sacre Coeur. This is not to say that Notre Dame can or should be omitted from the itinerary; simply that they are different and uniquely majestic. Here is a view of the Arc de Triomph from the Eiffel Tower. 
I did not need to see the Louvre again, but Mr. Spice wanted to see the Mona Lisa. To tell the truth, I much preferred the Musee d’Orsay, but didn’t take a photo of the outside because it was a rainy day. The artwork and restaurant at d’Orsay were terrific, and the neighborhood across the Seine from the Louvre is neat. Did you know that there is a museum specializing in tapestries? Why yes, there is (Cluny)! And other interesting historical items/ architecture, complete with gardens.
Many tourists consider a visit to Versailles mandatory. We like train rides, so didn't hesitate going there, but felt overwhelmed by the massive gilt chambers (and the entrance fee!). Classical music is fine, but I found it odd that the shrubs in the garden had hidden speakers that blasted it. A local restaurant outside the gates provided a tasty meal, and small side streets showed the architecture of the people, not royalty.
All in all, you can’t go wrong in Paris. But there is more to be seen around the corner from the main tourist locations.  

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