Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our new house by “The Cats”

Ok, we’re done with this “temporary quarters” business--- not enough elbow room for 3 cats plus 2 people. Although the braver of us (Sidney and Sebastian) went out into the yard on our leashes at temporary quarters. Too bad we had to ride in the cat carriers to get from Ramstein AFB to the small town 15 minutes away where we will live. Our new house is exactly the same size as our old house in Framingham, just a different layout to get used to. It’s normal by German standards, but some folks back home might think it’s small. Well, it will fit our own furniture just right, if we ever get it…hopefully in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, we have borrowed furniture courtesy of Uncle Sam, plus whatever the ‘rents packed or had in the first small shipment of stuff.
When you go in the front door, there is a door to the right to go to the basement, then stairs up to the second floor, then a full bath on the right. Straight ahead is the kitchen, which has a nice glass door to the back patio. We can’t wait to hang out there once the hubbub dies down. The front of the house is a big long living/dining room.
Upstairs are 3 rooms plus another full bath. Apparently the tub is a nice size to allow for bubble baths. We always get worried and wonder why the humans like to wallow in a tub? One room will fit the master bedroom furniture, and the other 2 will be home offices for Jeff and a combination craft room for Barbara.
The basement is interesting. We used to have one nice big basement room, but now there are 2 small rooms, a full bath, and 2 storage nooks. One room has a sauna in it! We cats are not allowed in there, but it will warm up nicely and will keep us cozy after the people-type folks are done and open the door. We have a German washer and dryer, and there is also a small yard that we haven’t been out to yet. Nearby are bakeries, grocery stores, a few shops, and fields with walking paths. Stay tuned for an update from the 'rents after they've had the chance to take photos of the surroundings.

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