Sunday, March 22, 2015

Part 2 yesses and nos “across the pond”

Week 2 in Germany:
Yes- we found a house to live in! Yay! Stay tuned for deets the first week of April.
No- parking in Kaiserslautern is challenging…finally found a spot near this interesting “meter” that prints out a slip for the dashboard based on how much you pay (x Euro for y minutes of parking)
Yes- had lunch with a new friend at an Italian restaurant that had a nice, healthy salmon & vegetable dish- thanks to the Kansas connection!
No- yoga at the gym has been cancelled…ok, I’ll go to Bible study instead, and it was great
Yes- invited to tea at the home of a nice woman from Chapel here at Ramstein AFB
No- our Prius isn’t here yet, sharing one rental car is ok but lots of driving back and forth to Jeff’s office at Landstuhl…how about a second rental car?
Yes- another lunch with another friendly lady from Bible study- this is great!
Week 3:
Yes- we’d be happy to come along to another military installation nearby to see a super performance of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
No- the housing and personnel offices are not interested in talking with “just the wife”…they MUST talk with the man of the house (or the military member, in any case)
Yes- one of our cats met a German Veterinarian, who pulled a tooth that was in bad shape even before we moved. The cat is fine, and we now have a local veterinarian in addition to the military veterinarians who can only do regular check-ups/vaccinations.
No- yoga with Irish dance music in the background is not my idea of fun, so I’ll keep looking for another class!

Yes- our first small shipment of “stuff” from home arrived safely. The cats were soooo happy to have their cat stand again (the younger 2 can jump up to the window sill, but the old guy likes to have the cat stand on the way up to the window sill).

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