Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our second week in Germany

8 observations in the last 8 days

11   Even though I’ve been an Army brat my entire life and an Army spouse for over a decade, I feel great affection for the Air Force planes that are taking off, landing, and flying overhead here.

22    The German road surfaces are so impeccable that there are signs warning of “damage” before a filled-in pothole or filled in road work. Imagine in Massachusetts if there were warning signs before bumpy pavement! I wish I could draw a cartoon of the constant signs “bumpy road surface next 700 meters”, “damaged road surface next 2 miles”, etc. that we'd see in the states! There are even warning signs for “dirty road surface” if a construction or farm vehicle has even ONE SET of muddy track marks on the road! Can you imagine in the US?

33     There are rotaries everywhere here! Very few traffic lights, but constant “roundabouts”. At first, I found this annoying, as you really have to slow down and respect the rotary traffic, NO barging in like some MA drivers! After a few days it started to feel good to not stop at traffic lights all the time.

 4    Trier was a good choice for our first train trip. We sat in a comfortable seat for 2 hours with beautiful views of the countryside, walked around the historic city, and trained it back to Kaiserslautern. We’d recommend a visit to Trier.

 5   We have seen 8 houses, and really liked 3 of them. There haven’t been any built in closets like the US, so we’re trying to figure out storage. Some have been so clean we’d practically eat off the floor, others have been “tired”. We've found a winner, and have an appointment with housing on Monday to approve the rental agreement. Hopefully next week's update will not be another "yes and no" report!
This is a MUSEUM in TRIER, not our new house!
 6   The food here is delicious, but we’ve had to make an effort to get plenty of fruits/veggies every day. Top meals have included Schnitzel, salmon, and lasagna at German restaurants, and BBQ here on base. The military grocery store stocks our favorite brand of frozen broccoli, and we found a nice selection of frozen veggies at a German store (along with fresh, but I'm not cooking much from scratch in our wee kitchenette). The bakeries are ubiquitous.

77     It’s been nice meeting other Americans, who are very friendly. That’s not to say that the Germans we’ve met are not friendly, but 3 American women invited me to get together (separately) for lunch or tea. Thanks to a Ft. Riley, Kansas, connection, 1 from the chapel here on base, and 1 from Bible Study. I miss my friends “back home”, but don’t feel lonely all the time here.

88     I had no idea how good the tap water in Framingham, MA tasted until I started getting dehydrated here because the tap water doesn’t taste good. Hate the environmental waste of drinking bottled water, but that’s how it has to be until we are in our new house. Rental agreement in process, hopefully will be moved in the third week of March. Stay tuned…

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