Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rice with Turmeric

I went to Squam Art Workshops last week  knowing that when I returned home, I would need to find recipes for turmeric and anise, some of the last spices that I had not yet prepared. Imagine my delight to a) sit on a dock in the sun and then b) find a recipe with turmeric in a magazine right then! 
By now you will have guessed that I substituted a few ingredients as per usual, mostly due to not going to the grocery store while in my happy Squam homecoming haze (and going back to work).
The mixed rice made for more visual interest, while the absence of peas in my freezer resulted in far less diversity of color, since I used corn, which blended in with the yellow spices. I used regular onion and cumin powder. The flavor was very nice, and went well with the avocado- I liked the idea of green somewhere- and smoked fish. I will definitely make this dish again, and look forward to another year of Squam workshops and friendships.

Do you enjoy vacationing near water, in the city, in the mountains?

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