Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lentil and Brown Rice Salad with Bay Leaf

This recipe turned out great, and I only added a few things
I decided to make a large batch of brown rice in chicken broth, and a separate batch of lentils with bay leaf and Herbes de Provence. I was able to freeze several cups of each after making a number of servings of this cold salad. I had never cooked with Herbes de Provence before, but had used bay leaves primarily in beef stew. I omitted the onion from this recipe, and added tuna  with tomato and bottled salad dressing--- it was delicious.
You can't really see the tuna in the photo, but it added some "zing" and tasted refreshing cold. Speaking of which, here is one of our favorite (no spices added!) refreshing desserts:
Have you used Herbes de Provence in a recipe? I'm going to try one coming up, but am undecided as to which one.

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